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The ASF 12 Week Transformation is designed to give you maximum accountability and amazing results all while working aside like-minded women with similar goals in mind! It is the perfect combination of a "go at your own pace" program while having an incredible support system to keep you motivated and on track! The ASF Transformation goes way beyond just looking good, as we believe that transforming from the inside out is the number one key to success! You will finish the transformation feeling confident,  energized and ready to take on life with a fresh and positive outlook! The 12 Week Program then ends with an optional photo shoot to show off all of your hard work!

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Your 12 Week Transformation Includes

  • CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION PLAN - specifically for your goals & lifestyle!

  • MINDSET MAKEOVER  - giving our clients the skills to take on any task in and outside the gym. Once your mind Is right... your body will follow!

  • Body Fat measurements & one-on-one GOAL SETTING with Ashley every two weeks to provide maximum accountability

  • GROCERY STORE TOUR including all of Ashleys favorite tips, tricks, hacks and snacks (join in LIVE for virtual clients!)

  • Dedicated FACEBOOK GROUP with accountability and weekly lessons designed to make this a lifestyle!

  • Two ASF Recipe booklets, full of delicious clean eating options to give you variety and keep your taste buds happy!

  • Ashley's own 'Local Eating Guide' - to help you stay on track while eating out

  • Build lifelong bonds and friendships with like-minded women in our ASF COMMUNITY

  • ADDITIONAL group workouts with your Transformation Group (join in LIVE for virtual clients!)

  • PROGRESS PICTURES - to be able to show off to all your friends some amazing before and after pics!

  • Social Stuff (even socially distanced!) - because life's too short not to HAVE FUN!



*Classes, personal training & photo shoot costs are not included in the 12 Week Transformation pricing. 


Whether you are transforming from near or far it is recommended that you take 4-5 classes per week virtually or in the studio. You will pick the class times that work with YOUR schedule! For the special dedicated group workouts they will happen on Saturdays and they will be virtual so everyone can participate at the same time!


For maximum accountability you will have a check-ins every 2 weeks with Ashley! This is where body fat, goal setting and food logs will be reviewed. If you are a virtual client you will have a Face Time meeting with Ashley along with a certain criteria that you will be required to email. Virtual and in-studio clients will sign-up for their check-in time through Signup Genius via the Facebook Transformation group.

The majority of the communication will take place through the Facebook Transformation page. This is where we will post weekly lessons, food preps, recipes, podcasts and motivational stuff to educate and inspire our clients to become the best version of themselves. Links to the virtual workouts will also be posted in the Facebook group! With that being said, we do realize that everyone does not use social media. So in this case we recommend making an account (fake or real) to use just for the transformation group.



The 12 Week Transformation programs run 3x per year! Fall, Winter & Spring with the starting months being early September, early January and early March! As of right now there are no 12 Week Transformations during the summer months. Please note that these transformation groups are limited in size and do fill up many weeks in advance. So don’t wait in putting a deposit down to hold your spot if you are interested in participating! 




Kick-Off: Late August/ Early September

Kick-Off: Early January

Kick-Off:  Early March

To  save your spot in the 12 week transformation program download the Ashely Sica Fitness app and create an account. Once you have your account you will be able to place your deposit for the 12 week transformation program.



You can always jump in on the next one and/or participate in the ASF classes in the meantime! Virtual or in-studio! The classes are the same (with the exception of the dedicated group workouts) whether you are in the transformation group or not. So you’ll still be getting the same amazing workouts as the ladies that are in the transformation group are getting!

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If you’re not ready to commit to the 12 Week Program or you’re just looking for some help with your nutrition and feel that you don’t need the accountability then the "nutrition add-on" option is a great choice!  This option is only for members who are also participating in ASF classes. This add-on includes an initial check-in with Ashley to gather your current lifestyle, food preferences and goals, two ASF Recipe Booklets full of yummy clean eating options, your personalized eating guide and a follow-up meeting to see how you’re doing! This also includes access to Ashley via phone or email to answer any questions you may have! This option can be done virtually or in-studio!


This transformation program is for anyone, any fitness level and any age! Ashley truly believes that “Age is just a number” and it’s not your current fitness level or knowledge that determines your success as its your attitude and willingness to try and learn.  So if you are just starting to workout after many years, never worked out or you’re an avid fitness buff ASF has something for everyone. The same goes for clients with injuries as we’re very accustomed to giving modifications and alterations.

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