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The ASF philosophy is based around 3 main principles. Simple, Effective, Addictive!


Our 60min workouts are designed to give you the most effective and targeted workout specific to a women's body. We take pride in getting to know every clients ability level and push them to do their best each and every workout. One hour per day 4-5x per is all you need to truly transform your body. 


We teach simple nutrition principles based on clean eating, something that you can truly take on forever. Our goal is to give our clients the tools to make this a lifestyle. No counting calories, points or macros. We also realize that nutrition is not a one-sized all approach.  We tailor a plan to fit your lifestyle and goals.


Last but definitely not least, addictive results that keep you wanting to come back for more. And an amazing ASF tribe that makes it all even sweeter!


My love for fitness started out an early age. I remember doing leg raises in my moms bedroom to Jane Fonda. My desire to continue being active continued through all-star cheerleading, moving on to cheering in college for Ball State University and then graduating with a degree in Exercise Science. After 16 years in the fitness industry from competing to personal training to teaching every class you could think of my true passion lies in helping other women achieve their goals and get to places they never thought possible. I especially love showing moms you can have a better body AFTER baby! I have first hand experience with gaining 50lb with each of my 3 pregnancies where each one I was able to come back stronger than before.  My years in the competition world have also helped shape the ASF Philosophy. I found competing to be very restrictive and unattainable. It was not a lifestyle that I wanted nor could  I keep up with. Yes, you might look incredible but at what cost?  I'm blessed to be able to say I can teach women how they can transform their bodies and still have their cake and eat it too! Life is too short to cut out all the things we truly love and to me that's chocolate, wine & cheese! That's why I'm so confident and really believe in everything we do and preach to our clients! Let me just tell you, I am a foodie, love wine and my favorite pass time is going out to eat! So if I can do this, ANYONE can! You just have to have some discipline, know when to employ the willpower and put in some sweat equity here and there! And most importantly have the right attitude because as I've always said, "Once you get your mind right, your body will follow!" There's nothing that rings more true to me than, "Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Body!" The inner transformations that take place for our clients are truly what keep me going. Yes looking good in a bikini is great but giving my clients the confidence & self-love to believe in themselves is everything in my world, and truly the essence of ASF. 

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Fitness classes


ASF group fitness classes are geared to bring you a personalized fitness experience all while in a group setting.



Now you can take ASF’s amazing classes anytime, anywhere! In your living room and on the go! 



The ASF 12 Week Transformation is designed to give you maximum accountability and amazing results all while working aside like-minded women with similar goals in mind!


Ashley Sica Fitness - Jen & Joan's 12 Week Transformation Experience!
Ashley Sica Fitness - Elizabeth's 12 Week Transformation Experience!
Ashley Sica Fitness - Angie's 12 Week Transformation Experience!

I've lost over 30 pounds in 12 weeks, coming here has been an absolute blessing!


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