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ASF group fitness classes are geared to bring you a personalized fitness experience all while in a group
setting. Whether you’re a true beginner or an avid fitness buff we’re able to work with many different
ability levels in one class and have a knack for giving out different modifications to clients who need them.
We’re also used to working with clients that are dealing with various injuries and need some extra
attention. With that being said we’re big sticklers on technique and form to ensure you have the safest and
most effective workout possible. We take pride in getting to know all our client’s personalities and ability
levels in order to push them to their highest potential. Results, effectiveness and safety are our #1 concern
and the foundation that has allowed ASF to achieve amazing results and build a proven method.

$249/month for Unlimited Membership (3 month commitment)

$349 for 10 Classes or $199 for 5 Classes

$45 for 1 Class


In studio classes
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Now you can take ASF’s amazing classes anytime, anywhere! In your living room and on the go! Perfect for someone who lives across or the country or the local client who’s running late and doesn’t have time to make it to the studio! We offer LIVE classes each day and if you can’t make a live class you can watch the recordings at your own convenience! With minimal equipment needed ASF Virtual classes are the perfect mix of ease and convenience! All you’ll need is a set of dumbbells (preferably some heavy and some lighter) depending on your fitness level, some bands and a bench would could be easily disguised in the form of a couch or a chair! You’ll also become part of the ASF TRIBE where you’ll be a part of a group of like-minded women where you’ll get weekly motivation and inspiration! And although these classes are Virtual we can guarantee you’ll get the same (if not better) kick-ass effective workouts that you would get in-studio at ASF!

$149/month for Unlimited Virtual Membership

Virtual Classes


The ASF 12 Week Transformation is designed to give

you maximum accountability and amazing results all while working aside like-minded women with similar goals in mind! It is the perfect combination of a "go at your own pace"; program while having an incredible support system to keep you motivated and on track! The ASF Transformation goes way beyond just looking good, as we believe that transforming from the inside out is the number one key to success! You will finish the transformation feeling confident, energized and ready to take on life with a fresh and positive outlook! The 12 Week Program then ends with an optional photo shoot to show off all of your hard work! 

To  save your spot in the 12 week transformation program download the Ashely Sica Fitness app and create an account. Once you have your account you will be able to place your deposit for the 12 week transformation program.

$1,700 for 12 Week Transformation Program  (plus the cost of classes)


Class Schedule
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60 min of non-stop BOOTY work. It lives up to it’s name of building an #assbyash. This class provides the right moves and intensity to shape your lower half in no time. Attend class regularly and the result will speak for themselves. This class is a must for anyone who is looking to get that booty right & tight!



Almost as popular as our booty class, this UPPerbody workout has been known to create some killer looking arms! Give those legs a rest and focus on building a strong set of shoulders & back muscles with arms to follow suit. Throw in a couple HIIT moves and you've got yourself one killer UPPer body workout!


Need that extra push for your cardio workout? We’ve got you covered! You never know what you might get in this class whether it be some old school aerobics, zumba moves or straight up pylommetrics. It’s a cardio and booty burner all in one! This class definitely lives up to its name! If attending class in-studio get ready for some killer treadmill sprints and to put in some sweat equity on the stairmaster!


A full body workout with emphasis on weight lifting designed to hit every major muscle group. You'll leave this class feeling every inch of your body and wanting to come back for more!


A little twist on our traditional ASF workouts brining you a mix of weights and cardio together. Always a full body workout, always a good time! Perfect ending to the week!


A combination of the two classes put together! 60min of non-stop sweat and booty moves! Maximum calorie burn on this one!

Class Decriptions
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